About    Me

I have a passion for creating and telling great stories through all sorts of media, from songs to sidewalk chalk. This passion has driven me to “try and write great stuff”, to “learn how to design great stuff”, and to help others capitalize on their passions and “make great stuff”.


As a worship leader, graphic designer, and marketer, I live in Perry, Ga with my best friend, role model, co-pilot, confidant, dental hygenist, and wife, Maggie Moodie.

I'm on my way to building tools that help people make more creative things. Wanna come along?

What is the mold?

The mold is mediocrity. The mold is settling. The mold is a good life unexamined. The mold is a safe, warm system of expectations and check-boxes promising to make you into a nice shape, without any responsibility or accountability for the shape you become.

I don't want it. Here's how I'm breaking it.


A love of learning was fostered in me from a young age by a series of mentors dedicated to teaching me how to learn. 

I completed 17 years of homeschool education by diving deep into subjects that interested me (and they all did at some point) and I tackled my collegiate education the same way. By taking responsibility for identifying my own interests and proactively pursuing my education goals, I graduated with my Bachelor's in Communication at 19 years old, debt free and still hungry to learn and create.

Content Creation

Armed with a lifetime of skill curation and thought consumption, I create 

content to stretch my skills and test what I've learned about storytelling.

My mock children's book God Save the Little Kings attempts to "make exposition great again" through narrative poetry and minimalistic art, while my concept album projects challenge the limits of connotation and lyrical storytelling.

Beneath all of the work and learning that I'm passionate about is the desire to help people tell their own stories better. To provide value for those like me who war with mediocrity on the journey to make good art.